Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Spotlight: Precious Dunnings

For the 2019-2020 school year, Warrensville Athletics will be doing feature stories to showcase our current student-athletes. Each student-athlete will be presented with a series of questions that will help our Tiger community build a connection with the person. This series will be called the “Tiger Athlete Spotlight” series.


Precious Dunnings


Warrensville Athletics: Precious tell the Tiger community a little about yourself.

P: I have 14 siblings and i’ve been raised by a single mom in Warrensville almost my entire life. I’ve participated in activities from cheerleading, band, national honors society, student ambassador, to currently volleyball and basketball since the 5th grade. Also, I am currently apart of the EMT paramedic program here in the school district. 


Who is your favorite music artist?

P: Gospel artist Bishop Marvin Sapp


What is your favorite food?

P: My mom’s spinach vegetable alfredo! 


What are you goals for the upcoming season?

P: My goals for the upcoming season is to maintain a low consistent jump serve, become a more sufficient middle passer, and to beat Bedford! I also would like to show my teammates that they are beautiful and loved, and to win the team MVP trophy that i’ve dreamed of all these years!


What is your favorite part of being a student-athlete?

P: My favorite part is making my hardwork in class count, and carry that on to something greater on the court. Also, showing others it’s possible to take on new challeges, and overcome them. 


What is the most important advice your coach has given you?

P: Coach Swift told me that Division 1 players are vocal, disciplined, strong, consistent, hardworking and knowledgable about the game of volleyball. That I need to be hungry and ask for more every single time I step out onto the court. 


Any advice for our future Tiger athletes?

P: You are beautiful, and you are loved! Be open minded and take advantage of opportunities because it’s about more than just a game. Sports build relationships, discipline, and confidence, but the classroom always comes first. Stay hungry, stay motivated and be the best you can be.